Roof Painting

Maintaining a healthy roof is essential property maintenance.

Roof painting Auckland

Roof painting Auckland

A well painted roof protects its structure, enhances appearance and adds value to your property. We are fully versed in all aspects of roof preservation and painting.

“We engaged Prisma Painters to paint our roof and the outside of our two story weatherboard home. It hadn’t been painted for over 10 years and needed a lot of preparation. Prisma Painters did a great job and clearly take pride in their work. “
– Fabienne

Roof painting Auckland 1

Our roof inspections will advise you of any maintenance issues that require attention. Our quotes include a specification to advise you of the correct preparation process, priming and paint system for your roof.

When painting a roof our team begin with a chemical anti-mould wash to remove lichens, mould and dirt.

Prisma Painters use only the best quality materials and paint products, backed by extensive product warranties.

Our painters understand and use up to date professional equipment to ensure a lasting quality job, in accordance with established safety standards.

Roof painting Auckland

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