Rot repairs

Prisma Painters also offers rot repair and timber replacement services.

Rot repairs

Rot repairs Auckland

The charm of older homes is their heritage features and character design.  Often these homes require a little extra care and attention to keep up their beautiful appearances. 

“Kim and Prisma Painters did an excellent job of painting my house that needing urgent stripping and repainting. The surfaces look really good. They also repaired a couple of unexpected problems with rot. They were reliable, friendly, and efficient and got the job done as quickly as possible in between some difficult showery winter weather. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”
– Brigid
Original wooden joinery and weatherboards can fall prey to rot over time and often there is more rot to be found once outward signs are noticed. We specialise in repairing and replacing rotten timber weatherboards and all types of wooden joinery.

Once rot is discovered, it is common to find boards and framing underneath that are also infected with rot. We can remove and replace timber framing and sub-frames so that you know all the affected timber has been professionally replaced.

We are also able to restore timber using new technology resins that are very effective. Resins are particularly useful where small details in the timber need restoring to their original profiles, because the resin can be shaped and sanded, once dry, to any form or shape required.

Timber repairs Auckland
Rot repairs Auckland

We will access the areas needing rot repair and let you know what process bests suit your job. Whether its timber replacement or rot treatment, or filling with new technology resin products, our experienced team have your timber repairs covered. Our timber repairs are usually done at the same time as the painting preparation, effectively saving you time and money.

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Rot repairs Auckland

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